Cove View Cup




  • Player with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the American National Insurance Cove View Cup Champion.
  • Points can be earned by placing in both gross and net.
  • The season is 24 weeks long, with five tournaments throughout the year.
  • Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight rounds.

Cove View Cup Top 5

1stKason Anderson85
2ndJim Stubbs77
3rdBeau Porter65
4thTroy Olsen61
5thTom Rose54

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Cove View Cup Standings

This Week
Last Week
Player NameEventsPointsPoints
Behind Lead
1st1stKason Anderson485
2nd2ndJim Stubbs477-8
3rdTie 3rdBeau Porter465-20
4thTie 3rdTroy Olsen461-24
5th6thTom Rose354-31
6th8thMike Jorgensen347-38
7th7thKeldon Stubbs446-39
8th11thRick Orr343-42
9th5thJed Southwick140-45
10th10thCamron Jorgensen437-48
10th24thTodd Mullen337-48
12th9thStan Chappell435-50
12th30thMonte Turner435-50
14th14thBlaine Breinholt432-53
15th12thCade Ray429-56
15th12thClint Malcolm429-56
17th23rdDane Gregerson427-58
17th45thGarrett Ekker227-58
19th15thRyan Harris426-59
19th15thGrant Stubbs426-59
19th17thJeramy Johnson226-59
22nd22ndMike Utley425-60
23rd17thChet Thompson224-61
23rd17thTJ Sorenson424-61
25th30thAdam Knoefler421-64
25th20thJosh Madsen221-64
25th35thRyan Draper321-64
25th30thHarris, Jake221-64
29th21stJorgensen, Ben120-65
30th24thChase Robinson419-66
31st29thCarson Turner418-67
32nd24thKarl Anderson217-68
32nd24thJosh Robinson217-68
32nd24thLayton Allred217-68
35th30thScott Hyatt115-70
35th-Jessie Knight115-70
37th34thJeron Shaw214-71
37th35thJohn Worley314-71
37th57thTroy Jones214-71
40th40thJohnny Parsons413-72
40th40thDave Albrecht413-72
40th42ndWill Jolley313-72
43rd35thPayton Thompson112-73
43rd35thTerry Barney112-73
43rd35thGlenn Lott212-73
46th42ndJaygen Mullen311-74
47th42ndKeith Newby39-76
47th45thJaren Anderson39-76
47th45thRand Janes39-76
47th45thJustin Jeppson39-76
47th45thBoyd, John29-76
52nd59thTracy Niellson28-77
52nd59thHenrie, Dave28-77
52nd-David Hanrion38-77
55th45thRyan Coates17-78
55th45thBob Leaver27-78
57th57thMike Wright36-79
58th52ndBrent Christensen15-80
58th52ndBilly Vanry15-80
58th52ndLarry Blake15-80
58th52ndChad Nordgren15-80
58th52ndRichard Wilson15-80
63rd59thAnderson, Kamon24-81
64th59thTalon Gadd12-83
64th-Kimball, Keith12-83
64th-Parson, Travis12-83
64th-Berkley Beach12-83
64th-Kinley Peterson12-83
64th-Albrecht, Jeff12-83
64th-Alan Robertson12-83
Point Allocation





Tournament Results

Jones and Demille Chicago Tournament
Blake Electric Two-Man Best Ball
Cove View Amateur
State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament
Jorgensen’s Honda Cove View Club Championship

2017 Champion

Jim Stubbs

In the inaugural season of the Cove View Cup, Jim Stubbs capped off a great season and was crowned the champion. Jim finished in the top 10 in all four tournaments, including first place in the American National Mid Season Tournament and two second place finishes. For weekly play, Jim finished first 6 times, and had 16 top-3 finishes.

2017 Season