Cove View Cup

Jim Stubbs is the 2017 American National Cove View Cup champion.


  • Player with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the American National Insurance Cove View Cup Champion.
  • Points can be earned by placing in both gross and net.
  • The season is 26 weeks long, with four tournaments throughout the year.
  • Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight rounds.


2017 Cove View Cup Top 5

1stJim Stubbs449
2ndBeau Porter407
3rdCameron Jorgensen403
4thKason Anderson376
5thRyan Harris319

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This Week
Last Week
Player NameEventsPointsPoints
Behind Lead
1st1stJim Stubbs29449-
2nd3rdBeau Porter29407-42
3rd2ndCameron Jorgensen29403-46
4th4thKason Anderson26376-73
5th5thRyan Harris29319-130
6th7thMike Jorgensen21272-177
7th17thTroy Olsen26270-179
8th14thTroy Jones26246-203
9th6thJosh Madsen24243-206
10th15thDave Albrecht17231-218
11th18thClint Malcolm28226-223
12th8thWill Jolley29221-228
13th8thGarrett Ekker22201-248
14th13thKeldon Stubbs28198-251
15th10thMike Utley29197-252
16th21stBlaine Breinholt29196-253
17th11thRyan Draper29194-255
17th11thTodd Mullen23194-255
19th15thGrant Stubbs29181-268
20th19thDavid Hanrion29174-275
21st20thDoug Roundy24159-290
22nd22ndTJ Sorenson21145-304
23rd23rdCarson Turner28137-312
24th26thKeith Newby28127-322
25th24thCade Ray23125-324
25th27thAdam Knoefler25125-324
27th25thJohnny Parsons26121-328
28th29thPayton Thompson21118-331
29th35thLayton Allred19112-337
30th28thBrett Seely10111-338
31st50thBob Leaver15108-341
32nd30thMonte Turner27100-349
33rd33rdJaren Anderson1589-360
34th31stDave Graff1781-368
35th36thMike Wright1580-369
35th-Gage Ekker180-369
37th50thTom Rose478-371
38th32ndRace Parsons1577-372
39th38thStan Chappell2774-375
40th34thBerkley Beach2172-377
41st37thKinley Peterson968-381
42nd38thRick Orr764-385
43rd40thMarty Huntsman1260-389
44th41stJosh Robinson2058-391
45th42ndChase Robinson1856-393
46th43rdChet Thompson1154-395
46th43rdRand Janes1754-395
48th44thCody Stermer453-396
49th48thBrent McClellan1450-399
50th46thAlan Robertson748-401
51st47thJed Southwick1846-403
52nd48thDane Gregerson1540-409
53rd52ndJessie Knight1330-419
54th53rdTalon Gadd628-421
55th54thLance Stott526-423
56th80thEaston Hunt221-428
57th55thJeron Shaw720-429
57th55thPhil Bollinger820-429
59th57thTroy Poulsen717-432
60th58thSkip Jackson316-433
61st59thThompson, Griffin114-435
62nd60thLarry Blake213-436
63rd61stBrian Waters611-438
63rd62ndMason Hovinga311-438
65th62ndDavis, Quinn110-439
65th62ndLloyd Dickenson210-439
67th65thMike Langstan38-441
67th65thGlen Jones88-441
67th67thRick Adams38-441
70th68thTravis Gadd37-442
71st69thTony Rydalch45-444
71st69thMike Labrum15-444
73rd71stBrent Poulsen24-445
74th72ndRex Shipp33-446
74th72ndKent Manley33-446
76th74thAdam Tait12-447
76th74thChad Norgren12-447
76th74thKarl Knight12-447
76th74thLayne Sondrup12-447
76th74thRandy Madsen12-447
76th74thNolan PetersonNolan Peterson22-447
82nd80thSteve Kunzler11-448
82nd80thTerry Barney11-448
82nd80thKarl Anderson11-448
82nd80thBrennon Hunt11-448
82nd80thRon Cropper11-448
  In an effort to increase the number of rounds played at the golf course and a desire to encourage a healthy spirit of competition, the Cove View Men’s Golf Association, in conjunction with the Cove View Golf Course, will initiate the American National Insurance Cove View Cup. It will be patterned after the Fed Ex Cup with members of the Association playing all year to garner points, culminating in the crowning of a Cove View Cup Champion.




Points will be earned through weekly play for 26 weeks and earned in four association golf tournaments. Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight 9-hole rounds. This local handicap will be used in all four association tournaments.

Weekly play will take place at the player’s convenience on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each week. Play will begin on March 21st. All players will be required to play USGA rules and must be accompanied by another Association member to verify their score. If there is a question as to the rules, members will play a provisional ball and golf course management will issue a ruling. Cards must be signed by two (can be yourself and someone else) and turned in immediately after completion of the round. You may play as many times each week as you would like, but only your best score will be counted for the Cove View Cup.

Tee boxes are determined by age. Association members 70 and over have the option to play from the yellow tee boxes. Those 60 and over have the option to play from the white tee boxes and those under 60 will play from the blue tee boxes.

Cost for weekly league play is minimal. It is $5 paid to participate each round. Four dollars will be returned in prize money and $1 will be added to the purse for the Cove View Cup at the end of the year. Participation in each of the four tournaments will cost $20 and $100 from each tournament’s entry fees will go to the Cup. The cost for membership in the association is $20. This money will be used to increase payouts at tournaments and help with projects around the Cove View Golf Course. All participants will need to pay their association fees before the first round of the American National Insurance Cove View Cup.

As this inaugural season progresses, the Association may make minor changes as a committee to insure fairness along the way. Anyone not following USGA rules will be disqualified from the Cup.

Everyone can follow the Cup standings each week on line at the following site and look under the men’s league tab on the menu. You can also view handicaps and weekly scores at

*The Association will also continue to sponsor the Wednesday night scramble for all who enjoy the association with other golfers of the community. Winning the scramble will not qualify points for the Cup but allows all to participate in a low stress golfing activity. The cost for this scramble will continue to be $12. Two dollars will be used for closest to the hole challenge.


As stated, Men’s association and the American National Cove View Cup weekly golf will begin on March 21st and continue until September 14th. The first tournament will be on April 1st and it will be the Jones and Demille One Man Scramble with points given to the top ten net and gross scores. Money prizes will be given for gross and net scores.

The next tournament will be held July 8th and will be the “American National Insurance Mid Season Tournament.” This will be an individual tournament with points again given to the top 10 net and gross scores. Payout will depend on the pot.

After 26 weeks of play the top 32 will qualify for the third tournament, which will be the “State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament”. This competition will take place the weeks of September 18th through the 29th. (Dates are subject to change.) Points allocated for each round completed in the match play process. Payout and points will be based on which round you complete during the tournament. Your match up in the State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play tournament will be determined by your handicap and your standings throughout the season of the Cove View Cup.

The last tournament will be the “Jorgensen’s Cove View Club Championship” which will be held on September 29th and 30th. It will have the same net and gross payouts as in the past. The top 10 net and gross performers will receive points towards the Cove View Cup.

Based on the accumulation of points during the year, the top 15 points earners will receive a payout according to their standing in the American National Insurance Cove View Cup. The Association will have a year-ending awards BBQ on Wednesday, October 4th.


Point Allocation
Point allocation will be based on the following:

Weekly Play 55% of total Points
One Man Scramble
6% of total Points
Two-Man Best Ball Tournament 6% of total Points
Amateur Tournament 6% of total Points
Match Play Tournament 12% of total Points
Club Championship 15% of total Points

Point Allocation

Net and Gross receive same amount of points.
For tournaments, money payout will be done the same as in the past.
Position Weekly PointsOne Man Scramble and Amateur TournamentTwo Man Best Ball TournamentClub Championship
1st Place20 Points50 Points50 Points200 Points
2nd Place15 Points40 Points42 Points150 Points
3rd Place10 Points30 Points37 Points125 Points
4th Place5 Points20 Points32 Points1000 Points
5th PlaceN/A10 Points27 Points75 Points
6th PlaceN/AN/A23 PointsN/A
7th PlaceN/AN/A19 PointsN/A
8th PlaceN/AN/A16 PointsN/A
9th PlaceN/AN/A13 PointsN/A
10 PlaceN/AN/A10 PointsN/A

Match Play Tournament

You receive the number of points of the round you were eliminated in.
All participants will receive at least 5 points.
First Round5 Points
Round of 1620 Points
Round of 840 Points
Final Four70 Points
Championship Round100 Points
The winner:140 Points

Final Payout

Based on income projections, the association should have over $3,000 for payout of the Cove View Cup. This could mean $420 or more to the winner of the Cup and tenth place garnering $150.

Cup Payout may follow the following format.
1st Place14% of Total Pot
2nd Place13% of Total Pot
3rd Place12% of Total Pot
4th Place11% of Total Pot
5th Place10% of Total Pot
6th Place9% of Total Pot
7th Place8% of Total Pot
8th Place7% of Total Pot
9th Place6% of Total Pot
10th Place5% of Total Pot
11th-15th Place1% of Total Pot

 Tournament Results

Jones and Demille One Man Scramble

American National Insurance Mid Season Tournament
Gross Results
PlacePlayer NameScorePoints
Net Results
PlacePlayer NameScorePoints

State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament
Jorgensen’s Honda Cove View Club Championship