Wednesday Night Scramble

The Association will sponsor a monthly Wednesday night activity beginning on May 16th and continuing until September 19th. This activity will be the third Wednesday of every month.  for those who enjoy the association with other golfers of the community. The first activity will be a Derby. Cost for the Wednesday night activity will be $10 total with closest to the hole included in the entry fee. On nights when Cup participation is involved $1 of the $10 will go towards the final Cup payout at the end of the year.

The Wednesday night scramble begins at 5:30, come early to get yourself on a team.

Players will be randomly placed on teams based on skill level. The teams will be made as evenly as possible.

Eagle Pot

Make an eagle on a par 3 or 4, or a double eagle on par 5 and your team will win the eagle pot. The eagle pot will be added to each week and carry over until it is won.