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Men’s Association Match Play

September 1 - September 9



The State Bank Match Play Tournament was originally planned for the top 32 players of the American National Insurance Cove View Cup. Due to the high participation, the tournament will now be open to an unlimited amount of players. (must have participated in four Cup events).

  1. Play ends when a player is “up” more holes than there are holes remaining to play.
  2. A player may concede a stroke to his opponent so that he can pick-up without holing out. A player may also concede the hole, or the match. Holes do not have to be finished in Match Play.
    1. Once given, a concession can’t be declined, or withdrawn under any circumstances.
  3. Strokes will be given according to handicap. If one player is a 4 handicap according to the Cove View Handicap List on 9 holes and the other is a 2 handicap. The 2-handicap player will give the 4-handicap player a stroke on the two hardest holes on that side according to the local scorecard.
  4. End times will be established for each round of the tournament. Matches can be scheduled for anytime before the listed end time. If no contact is made between players then the scheduled tee time is 6:00 on the day listed. A No-Show is a forfeit. If both players forfeit then the next opponent will receive a bye into the next round. Anyone not finishing a match by the established end time of that round will forfeit the match. Phone numbers can be acquired from the clubhouse. Please contact the office each day to see your opponents for the next round. It is both players’ responsibility to contact the other player.
  5. First Round will be played on the front 9 between August 31st and September 4th. Second Round will be played on or before September 5th on the Back 9. Each Round will alternate after that.
  6. Each round will cost $5 (even if the player has a bye).
    1. Players will pay the first round fee when signing up for the event. After the first round players will pay the fee before playing.
    2. Registration for the match play tournament will end on Friday, August 24th. No exceptions.
  7. Any player that has participated in four events in the American National Cove View Cup and has established a local handicap can participate in the Match Play Tournament. Players will be seeded according to their position in the overall point standings in the Cove View Cup. Seeding will be determined after the weekly cup event ends on Thursday August 30th.
  8. End times for Rounds are as follows:
    1. First Round September 4th at Dark
    2. 2nd Round September 5th at Dark
    3. 3rd Round September 6th at Dark
    4. 4th Round September 7th at Dark
    5. Last Two Rounds September 8th by Dark.
  1. There will be a signup in the Club House to determine those who will play in the Match Play Tournament. Sign Up Soon!!!!




September 1
September 9