Cove View Cup

For the seventh year, the Cove View Men’s Golf Association, in conjunction with the Cove View Golf Course                                                                                                                    will continue the Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup. Patterned after the PGA Tours Fed Ex Cup, members of the Association can play in a season long competition earning points, and culminating in the crowning of a Cove View Cup Champion.

Points will be earned over a span of 28 events (23 weekly play events and five tournaments). Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight 9-hole rounds. This local handicap will be used in all five-association tournaments. Players will retain their handicaps from the previous season.

Weekly play will take place at the player’s convenience on Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each week. Play will begin the the week after daylight savings time. All players will be required to play USGA rules and must be accompanied by another Association member to verify their score.

Everyone is invited to come play regardless of skill level. Please contact Cove View Golf Course (435)896-9987 for any additional information or questions.