golf lessons

Improve your game and have more fun. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player we can help you improve your golf game. We coach full swing to help you hit the ball further, more accurately or just make contact.  As well as short game to chip it closer and help you make more putts. Contact Todd or Ryan and lets get you playing better golf!

Individual Lessons

For indivudual lesson you can do one at a time, or purchase a series of 5. You tell us what you want to work on and will go from there!                                          

Group Lessons

We offer lessons for groups. Whether you are just a couple or have a group of friends wanting to learn the game. We can help you in a group setting. Prcies will vary.

Playing Lessons

We will go on the course and do a playing lesson to help you with your course managment, give you tips on how to play each hole, and whatever else you feel is necessary. 

Launch Monitor

Using the launch monitor we can show you your ball and club numbers and help you understand what they mean.