• Player with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup Champion.
  • Scoring will be net only.
  • The season is has a total of 24 (21 weekly events and with three tournaments)
  • Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last six rounds.

2023 Ladies Cove View Cup Top 5

1stMickelson, Manon527
2ndTerry, Selena491.5
3rdWhitaker, Kristie450.8
4thJolley, Jodi440.85
5thBode, Barb426.3

View members handicaps and scores at coveviewmens.com

2023 Ladies Cove View Cup Standings

Barretts Ladies Comp Standings
Mickelson, Manon52722
Terry, Selena491.522
Whitaker, Kristie450.822
Jolley, Jodi440.8520
Bode, Barb426.318
Deuel, Linda425.921
Harrison, Peggy423.620
Malcom, Mya391.0515
Sarah Swapp347.7513
Harris, Mikie316.517
Eyre, Linda300.513
Glover, Karren267.616
Jorgenson, Cyndi24510
Gregerson, Lorraine240.921
Rocheford, Pam229.322
Myers, Chris200.110
Harris, Linda19310
Hinck, Hayden184.658
Harris, Piper169.68
Jolley, Brielle147.859
Waybrant, Jessie751
Albrecht, Abbee683
Wagner, Darci48.31
Bastian, Dona464
Hatch, Jeanne37.34
Archibald, Navey162
Christensen, Dorianne81


The Cove View Ladies, in conjunction with the Cove View Golf Course, will continue
another season of the Barrett’s Ladies Cove View Cup, patterned after the PGA Tour’s
FedEx Cup, members of the Association can play in a season-long competition earning
points, and culminating in the crowning of a Ladies Cove View Cup Champion.
Points will be earned over a span of 24 events (21 weekly play events and three
tournaments). Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one
local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last six 9-
hole rounds. This local handicap will be used in all cup tournaments. Players will retain
their handicaps from the 2022 season. For a new player, until you have 4 scores on your
handicap, your max handicap is a 12. Weekly play will take place at the player’s convenience on Monday after 12:00 (noon),
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each week. All players will be required to play
USGA rules and must be accompanied by another player to verify their score. If there is
a question as to the rules, members will play a provisional ball and golf course
management will issue a ruling.

All putts will need to be holed out. No putts can be given
in the Cup.

A player may play only 1 time per week. A cup Scorecard will be provided from the counter in the Pro Shop. Scorecards must be
signed by you and attested by another player and turned in immediately after completion
of each round.
Initial cost to participate is $10, end of year payout. The cost to play is $6 ($4 Net, $2
Skins) + green fees. Participation in each of the three tournaments will cost $25 +green fees.

When weekly entrance money has been paid, you must immediately start the round on
hole 1 or 10. No practice on holes of the cup after money is paid per USGA and local



Cup play will begin on March 20th and will continue until August 24th.
The tournament schedule for the upcoming year will be:
● Jones and Demille “One Woman Scramble”- Can play anytime during the
weekend of March 24-26
● State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play – Begins June 2nd and will continue
for a couple weeks. All who want to play will be seeded into the tournament.
● Blake Electric “Players week championship”- July 31 – August 6. Three
different 9-hole events. Have all week to play.
The top point earner from the season will be crowned the 2023 Barrett’s Ladies Cove
View Cup winner.

Point Allocation
Point allocation will be based on the following:

Point Allocation

Weekly play, the one man scramble and the amateur will be flighted and net only for Cup points.
Best Ball Tournament will have one flight and net only for Cup points.
*Tournaments will have a gross/net payout

The Club Championship will have three flights. A Champion Flight, a senior flight, and a junior flight (High School or Younger) These flights will have a gross/net payout structure, and award both a gross and net champions in each flight.

If playing for Stubbs Insurance Cup Points, there will only be one flight. This will be net only. The point breakdown is as follows:

Position Weekly PointsOne Man Scramble, Best Ball and Amateur TournamentClub Championship
1st Place400 Points75 Points200 Points
2nd Place34 Points60 Points160 Points
3rd Place30 Points54 Points150 Points
4th Place26 Points48 Points140 Points
5th Place22 Points43 Points130 Points
6th Place19 Points39 Points120 Points
7th Place16 Points35 Points110 Points
8th Place14 Points32 Points100 Points
9th Place10Points29 Points90 Points
10 Place10 Points26 Points80 Points
Participation5 Points10 Points20 Points

Match Play Tournament

If 48 players or more sign up, the field will be divided into 16 four-player groups for group play. During group play, players will play against everyone within your group. The player in each group with the highest point total will advance to the single elimination part of the tournament. (This is designed like the PGA tour match play event. )
Only the first 64 people who sign up will be able to play in this event.

*You receive the number of points of the round you were eliminated in. You will also receive five (5) bonus points for every match you win in group play.

For more information about match play, please click here
Group Play15 Points
Round of 1630 Points
Round of 845 Points
Final Four60 Points
Runner Up80 Points
The winner:100 Points


Those who finish in the top third of the final standings will receive a payout.

Tournament Results

Jones and Demille One Man Scramble
State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament

Blake Electric Players week Championship