2018 Cove View Cup




  • Player with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the American National Insurance Cove View Cup Champion.
  • Points can be earned by placing in both gross and net.
  • The season is 24 weeks long, with five tournaments throughout the year.
  • Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight rounds.

2018 Cove View Cup Top 5

1stKason Anderson620
2ndCamron Jorgensen488
3rdRyan Harris409
4thTroy Jones377
4thBeau Porter377
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2018 Cove View Cup Standings

This Week
Last Week
Player NameEventsPointsPoints
Behind Lead
1st1stKason Anderson28620-
2nd3rdCamron Jorgensen28488-132
3rd9thRyan Harris27409-211
4th4thTroy Jones27377-243
4th5thBeau Porter26377-243
6th10thWill Jolley27359-261
7th2ndJim Stubbs27357-263
8th6thTroy Olsen28345-275
9th13thGarrett Ekker23311-309
10th7thJosh Madsen29310-310
11th23rdMike Jorgensen11280-340
12th8thTodd Mullen24268-352
12th27thDavid Hanrion23268-352
14th12thRyan Draper27263-357
15th11thStan Chappell28253-367
16th13thKeldon Stubbs27241-379
17th37thBob Leaver17239-381
18th15thGrant Stubbs27238-382
19th16thMike Utley28231-389
20th18thCade Ray25207-413
21st17thLayton Allred15203-417
22nd19thJaygen Mullen25200-420
23rd26thDave Albrecht29199-421
24th21stBlaine Breinholt28185-435
25th33rdJosh Robinson3183-437
26th22ndMonte Turner27182-438
27th23rdAdam Knoefler27180-440
28th20thTom Rose17179-441
29th25thJohnny Parsons27172-448
30th64thBen Jorgensen3165-455
31st28thChase Robinson24164-456
31st28thCarson Turner27164-456
31st30thClint Malcolm26164-456
34th31stDane Gregerson27162-458
35th32ndMike Wright26159-461
36th34thRyan Coates21138-482
37th35thJessie Knight20114-506
38th36thTJ Sorenson22111-509
39th40thJaren Anderson15109-511
40th38thWeiner, Will16108-512
41st39thJeramy Johnson12103-517
42nd41stRick Orr1493-527
43rd43rdDave Henrie1591-529
44th42ndJake Harris1489-531
45th46thPayton Thompson1288-532
46th48thKamon Anderson1383-537
47th44thRand Janes1980-540
48th45thKeith Newby1979-541
49th47thAustin Anderson874-546
50th50thGlenn Lott1071-549
51st67thStubbs, Braxton1270-550
52nd53rdAlan Robertson1764-556
53rd49thJohn Worley1162-558
54th-Randy Peterson160-560
55th51stLarry Blake459-561
56th52ndHarris, Hayden1255-565
57th53rdJed Southwick754-566
58th55thKarl Anderson753-567
59th56thJohn Boyd1052-568
59th56thParson, Travis1052-568
59th56thHuntsman, Marty1752-568
59th61stBerkley Beach1052-568
63rd59thMcClelllan, Brent1347-573
64th60thJeff Albrecht1246-574
65th62ndChet Thompson140-580
66th63rdKinley Peterson739-581
67th-Peterson, Kinley836-584
68th65thStubbs, Dylan434-586
68th69thTait, Adam834-586
70th66thGage Ekker631-589
71st67thSondrup, Layne630-590
72nd70thMatt Coates318-602
73rd71stWilliams, Trampus117-603
74th72ndScott Hyatt215-605
74th77thBrent Christensen115-605
75th73rdJeron Shaw214-606
76th74thJustin Jeppson513-607
77th75thTerry Barney112-608
78th-Ron Oldroyd110-610
79th76thTracy Niellson28-612
80th77thBilly Vanry15-615
80th77thChad Nordgren15-615
80th77thRichard Wilson15-615
80th77thJackson, Skip15-615
85th82ndStermer, Cody24-616
85th83rdJones, Glen24-616
87th84thTalon Gadd12-618
87th84thKimball, Keith12-618

Last year, the Cove View Men’s Golf Association, in conjunction with the Cove View Golf Course introduced the American National Insurance Cove View Cup. Patterned after the PGA Tours Fed Ex Cup, members of the Association can play in a season long competition earning points, and culminating in the crowning of a Cove View Cup Champion. After a successful first year the American National Insurance Cove View Cup will resume with a few changes to the format. The changes being made are:

  • Participants will now be limited to a maximum of three rounds per week.
  • Due to issues involving the handicap system, you must complete and submit your score before you start another round.
  • When money has been paid, you must immediately start your round on hole 1 or 10. No practice on holes of the cup after money is paid per USGA and local rules.

Points will be earned over a span of 29 events (24 weekly play events and five tournament). Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest four of your last eight 9-hole rounds. This local handicap will be used in all five-association tournaments. Players will retain their handicaps from the previous season.

Weekly play will take place at the player’s convenience on Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each week. Play will begin on March 26th. All players will be required to play USGA rules and must be accompanied by another Association member to verify their score. If there is a question as to the rules, members will play a provisional ball and golf course management will issue a ruling. Scorecards must be signed by you, and attested by another and turned in immediately after completion of the round. You may play a maximum of three rounds, but only your best score will be counted.

Tee boxes are determined by age. Association members 70 and over may play from the yellow tee boxes. Ages 60-69 have the option to play from the white tee boxes and those under 60 will play from the blue tee boxes. It is suggested that tee boxes be a minimum 20 yards apart on all par 4 and par 5 holes and where possible on par 3 holes. A player beginning the year will stay on a Tee-box they start on for the whole year, based on the individual’s age.

Cost is minimal with $5 paid to participate each round. $4 will be returned in prize money each week and $1 will be added to the purse for the Cove View Cup at the end of the year. For those who would want to participate, there is an option to pay and additional $2 for a skins game. Participation in each of the five tournaments will cost $20 and $100 from each tournament’s entry fees will go to the Cup. The cost for membership in the association is $20 with money used to increase payouts at tournaments and help with projects around the Cove View Golf Course. All participants will need to pay their association fees before their first round of the American National Insurance Cove View Cup.

            *The Association will sponsor a monthly Wednesday night activity beginning on May 16th and continuing until September 19th for those who enjoy the association with other golfers of the community. The first activity will be a Derby. Cost for the Wednesday night activity will be $10 total with closest to the hole included in the entry fee.



As stated, weekly golf will begin on March 26th and continue until September 6th. The first tournament will be on March 24th. This will be the “Jones and Demille Chicago Tournament”. This is a new tournament format this year and will use the Chicago scoring system. Participants earn points for bogey, par, birdie, and eagle. Quotas will be determined based on player’s local handicap. Those that do not have a local handicap will receive one from the Association Committee before the Tournament.

Another tournament has been added to the American National Cove View Cup this year. This tournament will be held on May 5th and will be the Blake Electric Two-Man Best Ball Tournament. Players who sign up will be assigned a partner based on standings the American National Cove View Cup standings prior to the tournament. Payout will be paid to teams depending on the amount in the pot. Points will be assigned to each person based on their team’s tournament results.

The next tournament will be held June 29th and will be called the Cove View Amateur Tournament. This will be an individual tournament and combined with the Cove View Amateur. Participants will have the option to pay for one or both of the tournaments before the start of the tournament. Payout will be separate from the Amateur. You can receive a payout from both if you chose to pay for both tournaments before hand.

Our next tournament will be the popular “State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament” which will be played from Aug 6th-11th.. All who want to participate will be seeded based on their standings at the time of the tournament. Local handicaps will be used and strokes will be determined according to each individual handicap. Payout and points will be based on which round you complete during the tournament.

The last tournament will be the “Jorgensen’s Cove View Club Championship” which will be held on September 7th and 8th. It will have the same net and gross payouts as in the past. The top 10 net and gross performers will receive points towards the Cove View Cup.

The top points earners will receive a payout according to their standing in the American National Insurance Cove View Cup. The Association will have a dinner at the end to award the American National Cove View Cup Champion. Elections for new committee members will also take place at the dinner.


Point Allocation
Point allocation will be based on the following:

Weekly Play 55% of total Points
One Man Scramble
6% of total Points
Two-Man Best Ball Tournament 6% of total Points
Amateur Tournament 6% of total Points
Match Play Tournament 12% of total Points
Club Championship 15% of total Points

Point Allocation

Weekly play, the one man scramble and the amateur will be flighted and net only for Cup points.
Best Ball Tournament will have one flight and net only for Cup points.
*Tournaments will have a gross/net payout

The Club Championship will have three flights. A Champion Flight, a senior flight, and a junior flight (High School or Younger) These flights will have a gross/net payout structure, and award both a gross and net champions in each flight.

If playing for Stubbs Insurance Cup Points, there will only be one flight. This will be net only. The point breakdown is as follows:

Position Weekly PointsOne Man Scramble, Best Ball and Amateur TournamentClub Championship
1st Place400 Points75 Points200 Points
2nd Place34 Points60 Points160 Points
3rd Place30 Points54 Points150 Points
4th Place26 Points48 Points140 Points
5th Place22 Points43 Points130 Points
6th Place19 Points39 Points120 Points
7th Place16 Points35 Points110 Points
8th Place14 Points32 Points100 Points
9th Place10Points29 Points90 Points
10 Place10 Points26 Points80 Points
Participation5 Points10 Points20 Points

Chicago Tournament Point Allocation

1st Place50 Points
2nd Place40 Points
3rd Place35 Points
4th Place32 Points
5th Place29 Points
6th Place26 Points
7th Place24 Points
8th Place22 Points
9th Place20 Points
10th Place18 Points
11th Place16 Points
12th Place15 Points
13th Place14 Points
14th Place13 Points
15th Place12 Points
16th Place11 Points
17th Place10 Points
18th Place9 Points
19th Place8 Points
20th Place7 Points
For those who play but don't place in the top 20, you'll receive 5 points.


Match Play Tournament

If 48 players or more sign up, the field will be divided into 16 four-player groups for group play. During group play, players will play against everyone within your group. The player in each group with the highest point total will advance to the single elimination part of the tournament. (This is designed like the PGA tour match play event. )
Only the first 64 people who sign up will be able to play in this event.

*You receive the number of points of the round you were eliminated in. You will also receive five (5) bonus points for every match you win in group play.

For more information about match play, please click here
Group Play15 Points
Round of 1630 Points
Round of 845 Points
Final Four60 Points
Runner Up80 Points
The winner:100 Points


Based on income projections, the association should have over $5,000 for payout of the American National Cove View Cup. This could mean $400 or more to the winner.

Payout will go to the top 40 winners.


You can follow the Cup Standings at coveviewgolf.com/coveviewgolfcup


Income for the season:


Sponsors:                    $2700

Individual Play:           $1500

5 Tournaments:           $500

Association Added:    $300  

Total:                          $5000

Tournament Results

Jones and Demille Chicago Tournament
Blake Electric Two-Man Best Ball
Robinson Transport Amateur
State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament
Jorgensen’s Honda Cove View Club Championship

2017 Champion

Jim Stubbs

In the inaugural season of the Cove View Cup, Jim Stubbs capped off a great season and was crowned the champion. Jim finished in the top 10 in all four tournaments, including first place in the American National Mid Season Tournament and two second place finishes. For weekly play, Jim finished first 6 times, and had 16 top-3 finishes.

2017 Season