• Player with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup Champion.
  • Points can be earned within each flight, using gross or net only score; (Flights are: A, B, C Flight and D Flight).
  • The season is has a total of 26 (21 weekly events and with five tournaments)
  • Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest three of your last six rounds.

2022 Cove View Cup Top 5

1stRyan Draper925
2ndMike Hinkle872
3rdCamron Jorgensen868
4thMike Utley858
5thCarson Turner835
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2022 Cove View Cup Standings

CurrentPreviousPlayerEventsNumberPoints inTotalPoints
RankRankof Winsthis EventPointsBehind Lead
1  -Ryan Draper274150925
2  -Mike Hinkle26612087253
3  -Camron Jorgensen26413086857
11Mike Utley25420085867
7Carson Turner26315083590
8Ryan Harris26615082897
T7 5Pace Mullen253120815110
T7 21Yergensen, Zayn244200815110
10Adam Knoefler265140801124
10 T16Will Jolley264160793132
T11 4Will Wiener27490787138
T11 T12Jim Stubbs222140787138
13 9Trampus Williams254110785140
14 26Clint Malcolm255200776149
15 27Kelsey, Kaylen252200768157
16 T12Grant Stubbs255120767158
17 18Stan Chappell255130760165
18 24Mike Jorgensen177160759166
19 14Gary Barney264110752173
20 22Chase Robinson242140747178
21 T16Jaygen Mullen245110743182
22 19Kim Robinson216110733192
23 20Mike Wright264110727198
24 35Porter, Jordan244190714211
25  -Benjamin Royer255120711214
26 32Curtis, Jess233160696229
27 6Blaine Breinholt2520691234
28  -Monte Turner261130690235
29 38Shawn Saunders224160667258
30 29Allen Robins212100651274
31 33Fuller, Kevin212110640285
32 15Kason Anderson2050638287
33 36Jake Harris244120637288
34 39Keith Newby242120626299
35 45Roberts, Ben181130618307
36 43Rydalch, Tony233120613312
37 23Keldon Stubbs2220644321
38 46Troy Jones183100585340
39 64Brent McClellan171200578347
40 60John Worley161160570355
41 50Farnsworth, Keeper223100558367
42 30Johnny Parsons2040541384
43 31Derek Daley2050539386
44 74Lloyd, Mark161200528397
T45 34David Jolley2220527398
T45 T58Haylan Yergensen221110527398
47 66Beau Porter162160524401
T48 T58Randy Moore184100517408
T48 79Brower, Gage132200517408
50 T67Payton Thompson153150513412
51 37Johnson, Ethan2010510415
52 62Ryan Coates163120506419
53 T69Sorenson, Cory221140502423
54 82Josh Robinson141200501424
55 40Sinner, Josh2110498427
56 41Andrew Fielding2230497428
57 42Garrett Ekker1640496429
T58 44Poulsen, Kent2210492433
T58 T69Lindsay, Bruce134130492433
60 71Greg Kennedy171130488437
61 T75Dylan Stubbs132150474451
62 47Jeramy Johnson1630471454
63 48Todd Mullen1830469456
64 49Kody Winkel2050467458
65 77Chet Thompson142140463462
66 51Tyrell Orme2240456469
T67 52Tyrell Orme1800442483
T67 90Anderson, Keaton123160442483
69 53Mecham, Chase2210439486
70 54Dickinson, Zac2120434491
71 55Gallegos, Marcus1630431494
T72 T56Kevin Arrington2110428497
T72 T56Rob Lewis1820428497
74 100Damron, Cason121150405520
75 61Devin McElmore1710388537
76 104Sorensen, Gunner92150387538
77 63Waters, Brandon2000383542
78 65Ellie Hair1410367558
79 T67Brandon Pierce1630363562
T80 72Lewis, Teddy2010356569
T80 102Bryce Hair102110356569
82 73Lance Barton1420351574
83 111Austin Somers111140341584
84 101Nowers, Brett10190337588
85 T75Olsen, Tanner1320324601
86 129Wilson, Pat62200323602
87 78Braxton Stubbs1420318607
88 114Josh Madsen70140317608
89 115Wall, Jett120140311614
90 80Kinley Peterson1410310615
91 T94Keele, Nick13240309616
92 81Gates, Matt1120304621
T93 T83Joey Edwards1220298627
T93 T83Travis Parsons1420298627
95 85Barney, Terron1110291634
96 86Hammond, Corby1310289636
97 87Thompson, Griffin1100285640
98 88Jessie Knight1520284641
99 89Biggs, Jared1310283642
100 91Jeff Albrecht1310280645
T101 92Porter, Craig1410279646
T101 116Randy Peterson83110279646
103 93Mason Eyre1030275650
T104 T94Torok, Victor1510269656
T104 T94Damron, Paul1420269656
106 127Drew Kotter70140268657
T107 T97Corry Lawson1310261664
T107 T97Rick Orr920261664
109 99Larry Blake1220257668
110  -Van Orden, Scott11140242683
111 103Edwards, Brady1010238687
112 105Kerry Olsen1200227698
113 166Race Parsons31200225700
T114 T106Dave Henrie1210217708
T114 T106Leaver, Bob1210217708
116 108Brent Dalley820215710
117 147Ben Jorgensen31140206719
118 109Lee Taft810204721
119 112Shaw, Ike1010195730
120 113Rand Janes920181744
121 117Wes Kirschner810168757
122 118Monroe, Dustin1100164761
T123 119Albrecht, Abbee520163762
T123 149Gage Ekker31100163762
125 120Kasey Edgehouse410160765
126 121Travis Hatch910157768
127 122White, Chet810152773
128 123Troy Olsen500146779
129 124McCConnell, Braigen810145780
130 125Stubbs, Collin320130795
131 126Allred, Layton400129796
132 128Stanton, Brodie900124801
T133 T130Hinkle, Miles510113812
T133 T130Joel Sinner400113812
135 132Crowley, James800112813
136 133Daley, Canyon700110815
137 134Jeff Ogden500107818
138 135Acord, Dustin30088837
139 136Albrecht, Max30087838
140 137Lewis, Mia41082843
141 138Johnson, Keegan50079846
142 139Johanson, Austin11075850
143 140Henrie, Carter30074851
144 141Tom Rose21072853
145 142Brad Eyre20071854
T146 T143Gwen Stubbs21070855
T146 T143Janes, Hallie21070855
148 145Stott, Lance51069856
149 146Albrecht, Jack40068857
150 148Breinholt, Kelly20064861
T151 T150Keele, Jim40060865
T151 T150Jewkes, Boyd21060865
153 152Clark, Zach10054871
154 153Hepworth, Stuart20049876
155 154Hunt, Konner21048877
156 155Scott Hyatt20046879
157 156Lewis, Marcus40044881
158 157Gleave, Chip20042883
159 158Toomer, Oakley10039886
T160 T159Randy Madsen10035890
T160 T159Lewis, Jayden10035890
162 161Poulsen, Becca10034891
T163 T162Stanton, Porter10032893
T163 T162Saunders, Bryce10032893
165 164Steve Kunzler10030895
166 165Hansen, Jack20028897
167  -Ponsock, Gene10023902
168  -Ron Oldroyd10020905
169  -Martindale, John10017908
T170  -Dale Harris10015910
T170  -Crane, Chris10015910
T172  Cade RayCade Ray1008917
T172  -Nielsen, Karter1008917
T172  -Albrecht, Morgan1008917

The Cove View Men’s Golf Association, in conjunction with the Cove View Golf Course, will continue another season of the Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup. Established in 2017, and patterned after the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup, members of the Association can play in a season-long competition earning points, and culminating in the crowning of a Cove View Cup Champion.

Points will be earned over a span of 26 events (21 weekly play events and five tournaments). Local handicaps will be established after participants have played one local 9-hole round. A player’s local handicap will use the lowest three of your last six 9-hole rounds. This local handicap will be used in all five-association tournaments. Players will retain their handicaps from the 2021 season. For a new player, until you have 4 scores on your handicap, your max handicap is a 9. 

In order to play in the Club Championship, two (2) 9 hole rounds must be played  throughout the season. 

New Rules

Every year, new rules have been implemented from the Men’s committee to 

help improve the Cove View Cup. The following are the rule changes for the 

upcoming season.

Handicaps will be made using your best four (4) rounds of your last six (6). 

This year we will have 4 flights, rewarding points in both the gross and net. The flights will be broken down at the most even break point to make all four flights have a similar amount of players.

Instead of the Best Ball tournament, this year we will have a players week championship. For the players week, everyone will play 3 different 9 hole rounds. Each round will be a different individual game. Players will have all week to play (Monday – Sunday).

Cup Play

Weekly play will take place at the player’s convenience on Monday after 12:00 (noon), Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of each week. All players will be required to play USGA rules and must be accompanied by another Association member to verify their score. If there is a question as to the rules, members will play a provisional ball and golf course management will issue a ruling. 

All putts will need to be holed out. No putts can be given in the Cup.  

A cup Scorecard will be provided from the counter in the Pro Shop. Scorecards must be signed by you, and attested by another and turned in immediately after completion of each round. 

Tee boxes will be based on age or handicap.   Any player who has a local handicap of 3 and above has the option to play from the white tees.  All other players will play from the blue tees. All participants 60 years old to 64 years old may play from the white tees.  All participants 65-74 may play from the yellow tees.  All participants 75+ may play from the red tees.  13 and under will be allowed to play from the yellow tees. For those 13 and under, you must also be playing with a participating adult. Any girl who would like to play in the Cup will play from the red tees, unless their handicap is 2 and under you will be required to play from the yellow tees.

Cost is minimal with $7 paid to participate in each round. $6 will be returned in prize money each week and $1 will be added to the purse for the Cove View Cup at the end of the year. For those who would want to participate, there is an option to pay an additional $3 for a gross and net skins game. 

Participation in each of the five tournaments will cost $25. Membership in the association cost $30 with money used to increase payouts at tournaments and help with projects around the Golf Course.  

$5 from the association fees will fund a hole-in-one pot. At the end of the year, the pot will be given to the person(s) that made a hole in one. If more than one person made a hole in one, the pot will be split evenly. If a hole in one is not made throughout the season of the Cove View Cup, the money will be added to the final season payout. All participants will need to pay their association fees before their first event played in Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup.

When weekly entrance money has been paid, you must immediately start the round on hole 1 or 10. No practice on holes of the cup after money is paid per USGA and local rules. 

There will be four flights (A Flight, B Flight, C Flight, and D Flight). Using the course handicap, each week flights will be split evenly to keep the flight number totals similar.

The men’s league committee has the right to adjust any rules or handicaps throughout the year if needed.







Cove View Men’s Association will begin with a practice run on the week of March 14th. The Cup will officially start the following week on March 21st and will continue until August 26th. 


The tournament schedule for the upcoming year will be: 

  • Jones and Demille “One Man Scramble”- Can play anytime during the weekend of March 25-27 
  • Robinson Transport Tournament. –Can play anytime May 12-15. This is an 18 hole stroke play tournament. 
  • State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play – Begins June 3rd will continue for a couple weeks. All who want to play will be seeded into the tournament.
  • Blake Electric “Players week championship”- August 1-7. Three different 9 hole events. Have all week to play.
  • Jorgensen’s Honda Cove View Club Championship – August 26 -27. This is the final event of the 2022 Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup. 


The top point earner from the season will be crowned the 2022 Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup winner. 


The Association will have an awards banquet at the end of the season to award the Stubbs Insurance Cove View Cup Champion and other tournament winners from the season. Also, we will have a greenskeeper revenge tournament prior to the awards banquet. The date of the greenskeeper revenge and banquet is TBD. Elections for new committee members will also take place at the banquet.

Point Allocation
Point allocation will be based on the following:

Point Allocation

Weekly play, the one man scramble and the amateur will be flighted and net only for Cup points.
Best Ball Tournament will have one flight and net only for Cup points.
*Tournaments will have a gross/net payout

The Club Championship will have three flights. A Champion Flight, a senior flight, and a junior flight (High School or Younger) These flights will have a gross/net payout structure, and award both a gross and net champions in each flight.

If playing for Stubbs Insurance Cup Points, there will only be one flight. This will be net only. The point breakdown is as follows:

Position Weekly PointsOne Man Scramble, Best Ball and Amateur TournamentClub Championship
1st Place400 Points75 Points200 Points
2nd Place34 Points60 Points160 Points
3rd Place30 Points54 Points150 Points
4th Place26 Points48 Points140 Points
5th Place22 Points43 Points130 Points
6th Place19 Points39 Points120 Points
7th Place16 Points35 Points110 Points
8th Place14 Points32 Points100 Points
9th Place10Points29 Points90 Points
10 Place10 Points26 Points80 Points
Participation5 Points10 Points20 Points

Match Play Tournament

If 48 players or more sign up, the field will be divided into 16 four-player groups for group play. During group play, players will play against everyone within your group. The player in each group with the highest point total will advance to the single elimination part of the tournament. (This is designed like the PGA tour match play event. )
Only the first 64 people who sign up will be able to play in this event.

*You receive the number of points of the round you were eliminated in. You will also receive five (5) bonus points for every match you win in group play.

For more information about match play, please click here
Group Play15 Points
Round of 1630 Points
Round of 845 Points
Final Four60 Points
Runner Up80 Points
The winner:100 Points


Those who finish in the top third of the final standings will receive a payout.

Tournament Results

Jones and Demille One Man Scramble

Robinson Transport Stroke Play Championship
State Bank of Southern Utah Match Play Tournament

Blake Electric Players week Championship

Jorgensen’s Honda Cove View Club Championship

2017 Champion

Jim Stubbs

In the inaugural season of the Cove View Cup, Jim Stubbs capped off a great season and was crowned the champion. Jim finished in the top 10 in all four tournaments, including first place in the American National Mid Season Tournament and two second place finishes. For weekly play, Jim finished first 6 times, and had 16 top-3 finishes.

2018 Champion

Kason Anderson

At the end of the second season of the Cove View Cup , Kason Anderson was crowned the champion. Kason had 20 top 3 finishes in the weekly play including 10 first place finishes. He also won the Robinson Amateur tournament, and had a top 10 finish in all 5 tournaments. 

2019 Champion

Pat Wilson

At the end of the 2019 season, Pat Wilson was crowned the Cove View Cup Champion. Pat played great all year long. He had 11 first place finishes, and 8 top 3 finishes. Pat also won the Robinson Transport Amateur and was the Jorgensen Honda Sr. Flight Club Champion.

2020 Champion

Camron Jorgensen

At the end of the 2020 season of the Cove View Cup , Camron Jorgensen was crowned the champion. Camron had 12 top 5 finishes in the weekly play including 1 first place finish. Camron won the Jones and Demille One Man Scramble and the Blake Electric Best Ball tournament. He also finished 2nd in the Jorgensen Honda Club Championship.

2021 Champion

Mike Jorgensen

To put it simple, Mike dominated the 2021 Cove View Cup. He was the winner of 16 of the total 27 events and that included winning the Blake Electric Two Man Best Ball. Mike also finished 2nd in the One Man Scramble and Club Championship and 3rd in the Amateur.